PT Arwana Citra Ikan Hias Indonesia

Posted: Juli 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

PT Arwana Citra Ikan Hias Indonesia was established in 2005 by Mr. Sriyadi. He build 3 ponds containing adult super reds and young super reds and a show room. He is planning to breed super red arowana. Now the company providing high quality young super red and adult super red. The showroom is on above mention address. The water, filtration and the diet of the arowanas is taking care daily to provide healthy and beautiful arowanas.

Indonesian Super Red only divide to Chilli Red and Blood Red not like other country divide into many names. Super Red is one of the most expensive fish in the world hence to high demand and low supply of it. Breeding an arowanas is not easy especially super red type, need about 5 years to reach maturity for succesful breeding. Each individual will spawn at different times of the year. The breeding cycle is around 1-2 times per year. There are very rare instances where an arowana spawns 3 times a year.
Last but not least , good luck! and yes we need a lot of good luck in order to succeed in breeding.

The demand of the market has exceeded the quantity available, the price of arowanas is rising continuously. Because of the attractiveness of its high price being a good investment opportunity, people like keeping 1 or even 10 pcs of arowanas in their home / office. Somehow it believe that arowanas can bring luck to the owner and can protect the owner from evil spirit or bad luck.

We are now aware of the peculiarity of arowana. If we wish our arowana to grow beautifully, we must take extensive care of the fish during its growing phase.

It require passion and loving heart to keep an arowana. That could mean time and money has to be spent on it. Only the rich and able one can afford to to so. Therefore, keeping arowana is no longer a hobby, but a representation of one’s status.

So, wish you all happy keeping arowanas ! If you need high quality red or any question about arowana don’t hesitate to contact us !




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  1. ijrut berkata:

    bgus2. .

  2. solvapotter berkata:


    saat ini saya menjual CD cara budidaya ikan hias yang benar, hanya dengan harga 60 ribu/CD (sdh msk ongkos krm). CD bukan berisi ebook PDF atau paparan data melainkan video interaktif/audio visual bagaimana prakteknya langsung di lapangan. dan ada juga buku panduannya (berwarna + bergambar) harga 60 ribu.

    jika berminat silahkan hub.saya di 081-911857815 atau email

    terima kasih

  3. miftah farid berkata:

    dear bro..

    bro saya udah bosan jd karyawan di perusahaan oil & gas,saya mau memulai usaha di bidang peternakan ikan hias. karna saya liat prospeknya cukum lumayan. bisa gak ajari kami untuk memulai usaha ini



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